Life is a wise teacher, and its lessons cost pretty much. If a lesson is to be learned, life will constantly bring us back to the situation we have to learn. That is why we call a person who’s learned many difficult life lessons a wise, experienced person. It would be better to listen to others in order not to repeat their mistakes.

But it doesn’t function so. The lesson is not considered learned until we make our own mistakes. In life, we can feel two states: we either grow and develop or degrade. Every life lesson is sent to us exactly for our growth and development. That is why we shouldn’t complain about the fate and trials we get. A human is an automated creature. We tend to use the proven methods, rely on our previous experience, act according to “correct” stereotypes and schemes.

Sometimes, such a state of things doesn’t satisfy us, but it more usual and safer. Everything new makes us fear and resist. So, we get stuck in our comfort zone and degrade.

Then, if something unexpected happens (divorce, loss of close people or job), we fall out from our typical life pattern becoming completely incapable to overcome these life lessons. Such difficulties break some people and strengthen those who are ready to review their past life and start working on themselves. Life has its own rules that don’t stop functioning even if we are not ready for them. Here are some of them.

Life rules to be aware of

Life is a series of lessons we need

Stop resisting the things happening to you. The more you blame and resist, the more you destruct your energy and destroy your life. Recollect your most difficult life situations. Probably, it was very hard for you then, but You today is a result of your previous life experience. If you do not like something in your today’s position, it means you’ve wrongly passed the test. Most likely, the same situation will repeat soon. Sounds bad? Change voluntarily.     

The universe doesn’t have a beloved person

How often it seems to us that a person is lucky because they’ve been born under a lucky star or God’s kissed them on the forehead? Forget about this. Karma or fate is nothing but a result of our past and a reason for the future. You may not even have the slightest notion about what a successful person has experienced. We get exactly as much we can tolerate. In order to enjoy the results, you should work at first. So, if fate hasn’t smiled to you yet, your desire is simply not paid by you, i.e., you are not ready for success yet. It really happens that fame or money destroy a person, and they do not grow and develop but degrade and die.

Life mirrors our beliefs

Our beliefs are our perceptions of something as good and bad, correct and wrong, etc. A personality consists of many layers, in the center of which there is a core, or ID. ID is the very essence of every human, the way we perceive ourselves: “a person treated unfairly” or “a successful businessman.”

The core is the hardest to change, but exactly self-identification creates the next level – beliefs. E.g. “All men are rude drunkards,” “I need money to start a business. Beliefs create our abilities to perform something. Abilities, in turn, provoke one’s model of behavior: action or passiveness. People surrounding us are indicators of our reality. We feel comfortable with people who think and behave the same way we do. If a person disagrees with you or lives according to other principles, you will immediately distance yourself from them.    

Once we add “anti” to all these levels, we get “anti-ID.” Beliefs that were meant to develop us become anti-beliefs that make us degrade. Abilities become anti-abilities. So, a person embodies their anti-behavior and strengthens their own “anti-ID.” Complaining plays the main role here, and it is really scary. A terrifying phenomenon which does not only hinder a person to go up but makes them go deeper into black reality.

Do not get addicted to something/somebody

Our strong connections simply poison our life and life of those we are addicted to. The more a woman constantly controls her man and tries as hard as possible to prove her love, the more he underestimates it. It happens so because all his inner energy resists such self-devotion. Such an obsession with another person deprives a person of their energy making them feel responsible and guilty at the same time. If you really want something, you need to let it go, so that the energy could flow effortlessly and bring the thing you desire into your reality.

Follow the voice of your heart

The more you follow the voice of your mind, the more you repress the voice of your heart and soul. It doesn’t mean that you have to follow your emotions or whims. Living according to your heart’s rules means following your inner values, your real desires not imposed by outer circumstances. Make a list of your talents and abilities, as well as a list of your favorite activities. Use them to serve others.

The more you work, the more you get

Do not yield to an illusion that one can reach success in one night. Success is 1% of aspiration and 99% or perspiration. We start feeling the state of flow once we start doing our favorite thing and everything difficult seems easy to us. It is possible exactly when our desires and possibilities come together and it seems that everything flows super easily. But indeed a person works really hard.

There are no positive or negative events

Remember that all events are neutral by essence. The way we define them creates our positive or negative reality. So, forget about your own rules and desires to evaluate everything that happens.

Accept people as they are, with their pros and cons.

We came into this world to get some human experience. Other people help us to complete this task. God influences us exactly through others, their impact on us, their deeds. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to accept an immoral person who ruins everything on his/her way. But even this person teaches us that we do not want to live as this person does.

Accepting people as they are, we decrease our level of expectancy towards them, which leads to a calmer life. Happiness and serenity are a normal state of our soul. We become miserable if we expect too much from close people, friends, and ourselves. To fight the syndrome of increased expectations, we should realize that it is a dangerous trap of self-deception. If people constantly think about some potentially better things, they risk to endlessly suffer from this, because there are no limits to perfection.

We are meant to change ourselves not the surrounding world.

Only constant self-development makes a person interesting to others and themselves as well. We all are ready to give others some advice, tell them how to behave, act, to think, etc., but a few of us work on ourselves. Although, the greatest victory is a victory over our own complexes, harmful habits, and limited beliefs.

Be the changes you want to welcome in your life.

Think only positively. Let positive emotions and thoughts prevail in your consciousness and you will change your life drastically. Let yourself be yourself and actions happen on their own. Stop forcing others to like you. Your task is to dream, move on, and notice the wonders life is offering. If something happens not the way you want, it would be even better. Just relax and enjoy it.  

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