Features of a true relationship

There are no games

Quite often, we tend to complicate our relationship ourselves. Difficulties begin when talks transform into text messages, feelings become subconscious, sex becomes a game, the word “love” disappears from everyday speech, trust disappears, and such word as integrity becomes deprived of any sense. The situation gets even worse when disbelief in oneself becomes a way of life, jealousy becomes a habit, as well as the feeling of being insulted, and the only solution to a problem is rejecting all the problems and the absence of desire to change something.

Stop running away from problems! Face all the difficulties, change the situation, communicate, value, forgive, and love people who are really worthy of it.

If you feel that somebody is playing with your feelings, do not hesitate to discuss this question with that person.

Your communication is honest, clear, and straightforward

You shouldn’t be afraid to discuss any topics. Much better to communicate honestly than to lose these moments and reach no destination.

Discuss exactly the things you mean and be responsible for the things you say. Do not expect people you love to read your thoughts, and do not play with their hearts and feelings. Always tell the truth because once you keep silent about something, one day it will turn into lies.

Listen and do not quarrel and while talking do not insult others. Communication is not an important part of a relationship; it is the relationship itself. Very often, relationships fail because people betray trust, stop fulfilling their duties, and mainly, stop communicating. That is why be honest with each other, fulfill your duties, and always communicate.

You feel vulnerable and sincere

Although the statement that “the strongest love makes us vulnerable” may seem scary to somebody, it is really true. The point is that we need to have the courage to be absolutely honest with our partner and open up to them for a long period of time.

That is why you need to open up. Be with a person you love. Let yourself feel everything. Destroy any emotional barriers and feel every good and bad emotion. It is real life. This is how you welcome a sincere connection with another person.

You are not after ideal relationships

No genuine relationship will become ideal, but if you are sincere and eager to work on your relationship, everything will work out better than you could have imagined.

Your best friends and your sweetheart may be far from ideal, but they may be the best for you. Give them a chance to prove it. The moment you stop expecting people to do something, you can start enjoying their company and feel grateful for who they are. The most important thing to remember that any relationship is problematic. But if both partners choose their union even through the most difficult times, their relationship is one step away from ideal.

You both are on the same side

If a woman starts cohabiting with a man without telling him she is looking for a serious relationship, she is not likely to engage in the latter. If you are just pretending that it is nice to live with you, it won’t be a sign and proof of the fact that your relationship will develop.

The essence is that you need to be straightforward from the very beginning of a relationship, or at least from the moment when you know for sure what you want from your partner. Do not beat around the bush. If a person turns out to be a coward and runs away from you just because you’ve been honest with them, or tries to set their own boundaries, this person is definitely not meant for you.

Words of love are proved by actions

Treat your beloved person the way they do not consider your words empty. For this, even in everyday life, you need to prove your love by actions. Pay attention to details to make your beloved person believe they are not indifferent to you.

To put it simply, if you apologize one hundred times but do not change your behavior, your words lose sense, and a partner will simply stop trusting you. If you cannot prove your words by actions, they won’t be sincere. It functions pretty simply. No relationship can be genuine if partners are not sincere with each other.

There is a feeling of freedom and mutual work.

Always consider the fact that we can never make somebody love us or stay with us. We don’t have to ask somebody to stay if they want to leave. Also, we do not have to feel trapped ourselves. Because once a person starts feeling trapped, the relationship stops existing as such. A genuine relationship boils down to freedom, in the first place.

Besides, any relationship is based on mutual work. You can reach much more if you work together rather than separately. Firm relationships depend on both partners’ efforts, whereas each partner’s force in a relationship belongs on its quality.

Besides, remember that 50/50 rule doesn’t always function in a relationship. You can give 80% of your efforts, while the partner only 20%, and vice versa. Healthy relationships imply that one partner gives more when another one is incapable of that.

You do not let others influence your relationships

It is preferable not to allow others to influence your relationships since other people’s opinions do not matter. If you have problems, decide them together with your partner, with no help from the third party.  

You should live as you want to. Only you can define if your relationship is genuine for you. Finally, you have to stop worrying about others’ wishes and advice. Stop living and making decisions independently!

You help each other grow as personalities

The essence of a true relationship is not to find a person we lose ourselves in, but a person who helps us to find ourselves in this life. While you are communicating with a special person, your best friend or a soulmate, these people help you to discover your best qualities. In this case, each partner can manifest their best features only through spending time together and encouraging each other’s personal growth.

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