You may co-habit, drink tea or coffee together in the morning reading each other funny jokes from your accounts in social media. Or vice versa, you live in different countries or even on different continents, meet once a month or twice a year, but still you don’t lose this thin thread firmly uniting you both.

This thread seems to be an artery nurturing your relationship. It makes you both very close as if you had the same parents. You may feel like twins, even if there is an age difference between you. But who considers it in such a relationship? This type of connection is called the intimacy of souls.

The main feature you’ve met a soulmate is the feeling that you’ve known them for ages! This feeling has to be born spontaneously, it has to come from the depth of your soul and require no explanations. As soon as you experience the alike feeling, congratulations! You have a mental twin, a soulmate!

What are the main features of a soulmate?

It’s your closest friend

One of the main prerequisites of a relationship with a soulmate is friendship. You may be married or you may be lovers – it doesn’t matter. Let’s put passion aside – you have to be friends. The main feature of any relationship is respect. In love, especially at its initial stages, respect is secondary. Thus, once you start feeling deep respect for your partner, you can consider them your soulmate.

It is visible to everyone

People notice the connection between you. Be careful, we don’t mean romantic relationships. Soul mates do not hide, they seem to radiate magical light and warmth. Everyone sees that people who perfectly understand each other are close. In short, such relationships are perfectly visible to the naked eye even in dating online chat.   

Emotional intimacy

Are you laughing at the same jokes and disappointed about the same things? You even don’t have to explain a lot of things to each other, you simply guess that your partner will like this. And your predictions always come true! Have you ever noticed that you can utter the same things at the same time?

You have a favorite common routine

And you don’t feel bored. In general, another main feature of soulmates is comfortable silence with each other. If you have something to keep silent about, and you don’t feel any discomfort or aren’t desperately looking for a discussion topic, probably you’ve found a soulmate.

A soulmate doesn’t require excuses or explanations, you finally become the true version of yourself with such people by your side.

You don’t drink milk

Or you both drink your tea without sugar; you may also mutually dislike some other things, but anyway you need to have the same likes and dislikes. Not necessarily all of them; you may have the same significant preference just about one issue, for instance. Such similarities are there for sure; you just have to dig deeper into your potential soulmate’s personality.

You feel comfortable with his/her friends

We’ve already discussed that your soulmate is your mental twin. For this reason, he/she chooses friends from people you would be friends as well. You feel comfortable with them, as if they were your friends, too. Thus, how do you feel with his/her friends? If you don’t feel comfortable with them, don’t make a hasty conclusion that you’ve found a soulmate.

I feel this

This is when your intuition reaches its highest potential. Even if you don’t know whether you have intuition at all, a relationship with a soulmate is the best space to test it. If you intuitively feel there is something wrong with this person, he/she is silent about something, if you don’t need words and explanations to feel everything, it means you have a soulmate by your side. 

How to explain this?

This relationship is hard to explain. It isn’t like any other relationship you have. Exactly this inability to explain it makes it different from your other social connections. You just feel each other on some deep extremely subtle level. Also, you may start seeing the same dreams, which only emphasizes your spiritual bond and brings you even more closer.

You make up one whole

You supplement each other, together you become something whole. This is the person you want to call first to boast about your achievements. You know that only this person can support you, they share your goals and inspire you. You want to meet your soulmate as often as possible, to feel them physically; if you are far away from each other, you communicate too much in the network or by the phone.

The best cure for troubles

Only your soulmate knows how to calm you down. They have a special pill that helps to get rid of anxiety, fear, or fight stress. A soulmate feels your mood better than others, that’s why you listen to their pieces of advice as if they were your own thoughts.

Why do we need a soulmate?

When somebody tells you that every person has a second half, don’t think about love. Most likely, this phrase implies that everyone has their soulmate. We are going through life looking not for a wife or husband but for a soulmate with whom we will finally find peace and really live, not wander.

As psychologists say, we don’t meet random people. We meet only those who have already existed in our sub-conscience. A soulmate is our inner mentor. If you already have such a person, don’t forget hugging or calling them and reminding how you love them. If not, it means that your soulmate is getting experience somewhere to live up to your expectations. Just be sure that you sooner or later you will meet.

However, not always our soulmate is meant to become our life partner. It may seem rather sad, but sometimes soulmates’ mission is to teach us a lesson. Once we learn it and become the better version of ourselves, the person we have considered the dearest may disappear from our lives forever. In such cases, we don’t have to worry because this is the way God cares about us and prepares us for true destinations.

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