There are many things that we don’t like about each other. Either women are shocked by men’s actions or men are shocked by women’s mysterious behavior. For example, men have already learned that women cannot put up with permanently disappearing socks, addiction to computer games, and inability to remember the date of mother’s-in-law birthday. But what women’s habits drive men insane?

Men are crazy about these things

Reasonable insults as well as insults with no obvious reason

As we know, men are typically very straightforward, but only a few women understand it and get offended without a reason, at first sight. The point is that women always have a reason – they know it and they guess if they know, everyone is aware of it, including their husbands. If a man fails to guess it, a woman gets offended and a quarrel begins. You think there is no reason, but there is one, you simply cannot predict it because the men’s psyche is different.

Crying with no reason

Of course, women’s hormones are a separate topic. But sometimes, everything seems so fine, and then she bursts out with tears. He asks her why, she starts crying even more, and keeps silent. Girls, you can warn, at least. “I am going to start crying now, do not touch me, nothing happened, I just need to let off my emotions.” But it so boring, no mystery here!

Total control

Most women believe that if they care about their relationship more, it would be only beneficial to both partners. However, it doesn’t happen so. Men get crazy when they hear the same question 100 times, “Where have you been,” “Why didn’t you call me,” “Why are you late”. Also, spying on your man by controlling his messages, emails, and social networks would do no good to your relationship. What is worth, usually after such actions, women start arguing with and without obvious reasons. Some women even require their men to give them all their passwords if they cannot access some service in their phones or computers.

Tidying up his things

Without a doubt, some girls can distinguish between different types of drills or hackles, but why are they so sure about the order of how these things should be arranged? Let us specify: order is a harmonic expectable state or position of something. So, girls, do not stick your nose into his shelves, table, wardrobe, or, God forbid, garage, or workshop! Sometimes what you think is chaos is his order, and he knows better how to deal with it.

Smartening up in any corner of the house

Yes, beauty requires victims, but from the woman’s side, not all people living with her. Painting nails at the dining table, throwing swabs of cotton wool or ear sticks, leaving hair in the sink, or making a bathroom look like a beauty salon – all these things are very annoying.

Sure, it is a matter of personal hygiene and tidiness, and sometimes men are very specific in this respect, too. Women tend to complain more about the mess with men’s socks, fishing-tackle, and car oil, which they find in the corners from time to time. But how often do women notice that they are behaving the same way?

Constant “love questions”

“What are you thinking about? Nothing? How can that be? You should think about me! If you don’t, you don’t love me.” Sounds very familiar, right?

Women, calm down. Men do think, they think a lot, but they think about more realistic matters. What step in life to take, how to make a deal, change car oil, earn some money, about you, too, mother, supper, sofa, television, and about thousands other petty things, – just they do not announce it.

Women’s dressing habits

Girls always suffer because they have nothing to dress, but this doesn’t prevent them from spending hours to decide what to put on. Another puzzle in the world of women’s wardrobe – high-heeled shoes. Why buy them and then complain about terrible feet pain? Or asking a man to give her a ride somewhere exactly because she cannot take a step in these super modern shoes? These are the puzzles of the century…

The requirement to evaluate their appearance and outfit in detail  

Yes, right you are, it is never enough to say “What a wonderful dress!” You should say that wearing this dress she looks slim as a hind, this indigo bow (not blue, God forbid) sets off her sky-blue eyes, these shoes stress her wonderful ankle, and her hair is ideally made with the help of successfully chosen hair fixation spray Schwarzkopf Got2b Super Volume with lifting effect.

Obsession with diets

It is very good that women care about their weight, but if you constantly look at yourself in the mirror, leave the scales just to go to bed, and always ask your man “Am I too fat? Yes, I am, admit it!”, something really goes wrong.

Trying food from his plate

  • Oh, what have you ordered? Let me try! I will order the same!
  • No, I will try just a bit! – and half his plate is gone

A typical dialogue, isn’t it? Perhaps, this way, food tastes women better. Such a cute irritating habit – you cannot reject and want to eat it yourself. Gentlemen, be courageous!

Men get nervous if women underestimate themselves 

You should not try to seem better than you are. Or repress your desires and lower your self-esteem. You should always remain yourself. Nowadays nothing is forbidden to women, and they are free to get as much satisfaction from life as men do.

Indirect expression of desires

Men do not think like women. They like straight questions and desires but no stupid hints that women adore. So, if you want to get a new smartphone or a ring for your birthday, tell him directly but do not beat around the bush. Otherwise, you risk getting a present you haven’t even though of, and another quarrel is about to start.  

Discussing family problems with the third party

Very often, women apply the third-party method. “Simon bought Angela a new car,” and start sighing reproachfully. Or start discussing the private matters with their mother or friends in the kitchen, tasting every detail. Why not discuss it with the man? Why a crowd of those people? How can a friend or even mother adequately understand what has happened if they haven’t witnessed the quarrel personally?

All in all, let’s learn to understand each other and, hopefully, men and women will be less irritated about each others’ peculiarities.  

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